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Understanding Pressure Relief Safety

Aggie Safety experts can provide support for Pressure Relief systems for new Design or Validation for
existing systems. Aggie safety has ~ 30 years of cumulative experience on this kind of specialized work
which requires thermodynamic knowledge of fluid being handled as well as mechanical aspects of how
pressure relief systems work. Aggie safety professionals are well versed in implementation in following
Industry codes/standards:
 ASME Section VIII Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, ASME 31.1, ASME 31.3
 API specifically API-520, 521, 526, 527, 537, 576, 620, 650, 2000
 CSA S-1.1, S-1.2, S-1.3
Based on vast experience Aggie Safety professionals can work with your company and come up with
cost-effective mitigation solutions for existing plants with some of the most common deficiencies in
existing systems as follows:
 PSVs being undersized
 Scenarios (Contingency) being missed
 PSV Inlet or Outlet pressure drops exceeding API limits
 High back pressure issues on sub-header/header systems
 Too conservative assumptions on existing scenarios


Aggie Safety Professionals can also provide Flare header analysis using ASPEN flare net models and also
evaluate the adequacy of existing off-gas systems with final destinations being Flare, Thermal Oxidizer,
Incinerators, scrubbers, etc.
Additionally, for any relief system to operate adequately, a solid maintenance program is required.
Aggie Safety experts can help develop or evaluate an existing mechanical integrity program around relief

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