Empowering Construction & Manufacturing Safety Across All Fronts

Construction & Manufacturing with various kinds of Contractors need assistance with safety on work and job sites.  AGGIE SAFETY can assist achieve your safety goals whether you have a dedicated safety staff (complementing them with our expertise) or limited safety support( be your eyes/ears and provide a comprehensive support).  Some of the aspects Aggie Safety can provide support is as follows:

  • Aggie Safety experts, with their wide industry experience, can support your safety staff in writing complex/unique safety procedures.
  • Aggie Safety experts can provide a cold-eye review of your safety programs, worksites, etc.
  • Aggie Safety can conduct inspections/audits to provide unbiased feedback on your ground reality.
  • Your current safety staff may not have the time to visit and implement your safety programs, training, and certifications. Aggie Safety can jump in to provide and complement that support to your safety team.
  • Aggie Safety can provide unique support like employee/contractor manuals, supervisor training, and professional safety videos for your employees and contractors.



  • Cost Effective– Aggie Safety services can be tailored for specific hours/ week rather than 40 hours per week for a full time safety professional.
  • Continuation – A true reality of many industries is losing experienced personnel due to retirement. Aggie Safety can help support that transition and continuation of work with our safety support to your existing teams.
  • Expertise – Aggie Safety with its diverse workforce and more than 60 years of cumulated experience in safety can help your organization achieve its safety goals in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced environment.