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Ensuring Safety in Every Lift, Move, and Store

Occupational Noise exposure control (CFR 1910.95) is a OSHA requirement. Employers/Owners are required to manage a  Noise Conservation Program or a Noise Control Program. This program ensures to mitigate the negative effects of noise exposure in the workplace. It aims to protect workers from hearing loss and other health issues associated with excessive noise levels.


Harmonizing Workplace Safety with Advanced Noise Assessment & Hearing Conservation Services

AGGIE SAFETY can provide a very effective support to its customers by following aspects:

  1. Noise Assessment: The program starts with a thorough assessment of noise levels in the workplace using sound level meters or dosimeters. This assessment identifies areas with high noise levels & duration of exposure and it falls within the definitions by OSHA CFR 1910.95 ( c)1.
  2. Training: Training programs are provided to employees to raise awareness about the risks associated with noise exposure and to educate them on the proper use of control measures and PPE. This may include training on noise monitoring, hazard recognition, and the importance of hearing conservation.
  3. On-Site Audiometric Testing: A very unique service by Aggie Safety will conduct baseline and recurrent annual Audiometric testing of employees at the worksite itself.
  4. Digital Training/Record Keeping: Aggie Safety Unique digital platform will maintain records of noise assessments, exposure levels, employee training and employee audiometric test data to demonstrate compliance with regulations.