Supervisor Training Programs

Supervisors / Leadman are the first and last line of defense for any business owner. With 25 years of
experience and multiple representations in OSHA hearings. Aggie Safety Has come up with a unique
supervisor training program for its customers. This training includes of critical topics of handling
emergency issues like how to act in case of emergencies like employee Injuries, death to how to handle
during OSHA visit to the jobsite including many others. Trainings can be conducted in-person or digitally.
Additionally, Supervisors can be provided Toolbox training material electronically for various applicable
safety topics. All Trainings can be provided in English/Spanish.

Contractor’s Safety Compliance

Hiring a subcontractor for any job puts following responsibilities on Main/General Contractor.
1. Monitoring the Job site Safety Issues.
2. A general contractor needs to do their due diligence prior to engaging subcontractors to
ensure such subcontractors have their own safety practices in place. This is why every large
general contractors, petrochemical plants, etc. require copies of the subcontractor’s safety
program and training records.
3. General contractors should review their contracts with subcontractors to make sure they

Aggie Safety Unique Sub-Contractor’s Program help your company with the following:
 Help your subs to have a better idea what is expected of them.
 Help your subs understand what to do when OSHA shows up.
 Help your subs understand what to do in an emergency.
 Improve your documentation to minimize liabilities from Subs unsafe behavior
 Show your customers you are proactive regarding OSHA Compliance.

Safety Orientation Videos

Aggie Safety with its safety and digital experts can provide a customized safety video for your company
with following features:
· Safety Orientation Video for new employees highlighting applicable safety issues at the
facility/job in both English/Spanish
· Video can include approved footage/pictures of the facility/ Job-site
· Video can also include Company’s Management short interviews with their commitment to

Past Videos created by Aggie Safety for its customers have helped in safety orientation for high
employee turnover as well as these videos have been used by customers for their customers to
demonstrate their commitment to safety.

Vehicle Inspection App & Digital Safe Driving Tips

Aggie Safety Unique Digital App will give access to your Drivers operating Company vehicles to inspect
and document the inspection through a user-friendly app. Additionally, safe driving tips will be delivered
to the company employees enrolled in the program

Employee Documentation Kits

For Small Business Owners, employee turnover and employee competency on the safety issues is always
a concern. Aggie Safety can provide employee documentation kits with applicable safety concerns both
in English and Spanish. Some of the general safety topics covered in Aggie Safety Employee
Documentation kits are following:
· Operating energized equipment like Forklift, Crane, Scissor lifts, Aerial Lifts
· Fall Protection
· Confined Space
· Lock out & Tag Out (LOTO)
· Heat Exhaustion & Stroke
· How to read Material Safety Data Sheets
· General Electrical Hazards
· Personal Protection Equipment
· AED, CPR & Blood Borne Pathogens
· Respirator
· Excavation & Trenching Hazards
· Hazards for HVAC technicians
· Hazards for Plumbers
· Hazards for Painters
· Hazards for Roofers
· Hazards for Machine Shop workers

Invaluable on-site support for project Oil& Gas . Engineering . Power . Roofing . Construction .