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Roofing Safety Audit & Training

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Roofing Safety Inspection

Roofing Safety Training and Inspection

At Aggie Safety, we focus on safety training, injury prevention, continuing education, and accountability. Our goal is to heighten safety awareness and implement best practices on the roof, ladder, road, and ground.

Roofing sites are regularly inspected and audited by internal and third-party inspectors to reduce risk, identify potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety measures. We maintain safety awareness and accident prevention through frequent safety training. We also provide training to our employees on the importance of fall prevention.

The First Step In Comprehensive Roof Repair Is A Roof Inspection

Regular roof inspections are critical to the structural integrity of your roof and the safety of your family. Many people only think to get their roof inspected when they’re listing their home for sale. But roofs take a lot of abuse over the years, and it’s important to check on yours often. This allows you to identify small problems before they become huge headaches. Need a roof inspection? Contact our office now to schedule a free roof inspection in any of the 20+ states we offer roofing services to.

Other events, like severe weather, hailstorms, or the expiration of your warranty, make the need for a roof inspection more urgent.

Residential Roof Inspection Services
Aggie Safety provides comprehensive roof inspections and roof certifications to ensure that your roof is operating at full steam. At no cost to you, our team will carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that need a roof repair or determine if your roof needs a replacement. We’ll provide any insurance documentation you need as well as an easy-to-understand roofing estimate.

Our Roof Inspection Process

When we come to inspect your roof, we’ll take our time. We’ll ask you if you’ve noticed any issues and find out what you’re most concerned about. Then our team will inspect every inch of your roofing system, checking for:
When our inspection is complete, you will receive:

Certified Safety Training in Houston & Surrounding Areas

At Aggie Safety we have experts who can provide Instructor-led safety training/Digital safety training with certifications for the following:

  • Safety Training Houston for Excavation
  • Safety Training Houston for Trenching
  • Confined Space
  • Safety Training Houston for Respirators
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift
  • Cranes
  • Backhoe

In addition to all the above, we have team members who can provide multiple day safety training for special topics with certifications on

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30

Safety Bites – Driving Safety

Company vehicles driven by employees need driving safety tips at certain frequencies to ensure good driving habits are cultivated and maintained. At Aggie Safety we have a unique Safety Bites program designed for this purpose. Every month – two safety bites are delivered to employee cellphone/tablets to change their driving habits.

Safety Orientation for New Employees

Another major issue that Aggie Safety is successfully addressing for its customers is Safety Orientation for new workers. With Covid worsening the crisis in the United States, we are seeing worker shortages across all industries. This has led to a lot of turnarounds in the workforce at existing companies. Onboarding a new employee with company safety behavior expectations is critical. Aggie Safety has been providing its customer safety orientation for new employees for the applicable safety topics in the digital format. Safety orientation is followed by quizzes/tests to check competency and results are delivered to the supervisor.

Employee training programs can significantly reduce the possibility of OSHA violations or OSHA fines or any litigations. With the unique and multi-faceted safety training offerings by Aggie Safety– an Owner needs to keep an oversight on the workers and the workplace safety as they say “TRUST BUT VERIFY”. Aggie Safety can support that effort by performing compliance inspections on the Owner’s behalf or a “Mock OSHA Inspection” with the review of work areas. After completing the compliance inspection, a written report is submitted to the owner with remediation options for deficiencies. The report will also highlight specific OSHA violations or OSHA fines applicable for specific items. Aggie Safety is well known for safety training houston which is mostly need based program.

Need-Based Supports in Houston and Surrounding Areas.

Accident Investigations

Accident Investigations When you need an outside source to provide an unbiased report of what happened in an accident consider these services.

  • Telephone Audits – A telephone audit is simple and affordable way to keep employees and supervisors honest. A trained operator will call your employee at home and ask key questions to verify the accuracy of the information in submitted accident report.
  • On-Site Audits – Trained personnel conduct On-site Audits. This includes reviewing accident site photos, Witness Reports, and The Accident Reports. In addition, interviewing all witnesses and, if possible, the employee(s) involved in the accident. Included in this service is a written report with recommendations.

Audits if performed unbiased can act as powerful tool for an organization to ensure OSHA compliance which minimizes OSHA violations or OSHA fines and any litigations.

Aggie Safety Goals: How We Can Help in Houston

  • Reduce Reportable Accidents
  • Make sure all employees receive regular safety training.
  • Reduce the possibility of OSHA fines.
  • Eliminate, as much as possible, heavy equipment accidents. (Forklifts, lifts and cranes)
  • Make sure supervisors have the necessary training to handle employee injury accidents.
  • Make sure all supervisors have a basic understanding of loss-control