Material Handling

Ensuring Safety in Every Lift, Move, and Store

Material handling safety refers to a very broad aspect of safety which includes practices, procedures/protocols, and equipment used to ensure the safe handling of materials including activities like movement, storage in worksites/jobsites including (but not limited to) Manufacturing , warehouses, construction and distribution centers. It includes actions like (but not limited to) lifting, carrying, stacking, storing, and transporting materials. Aim is to prevent worker accidents leading to injuries and in the worst situations fatalities.


Comprehensive Partner in Material Handling and Workplace Safety

AGGIE SAFETY can provide safety support with following aspects:

  • Training: Aggie Safety can provide safety training on safe material handling practices, right ergonomics, equipment operation (Powered/energized equipment) and potential hazards of handling certain hazardous materials like chemicals, dusts. By Aggie Safety trainings in English/Spanish workers know how to mitigate risks. Additionally, Aggie Safety Unique supervisors trainings can ensure implementation of safe work practices at worksites/jobsites. Additionally, Aggie Safety can help develop Employee/Contractor orientation training including professional safety videos.
  • Documentation: Aggie Safety can provide Safety Program/ Manuals tailored to your facility addressing the hazards of your facility including (but not limited to) Lock out/Tagout, confined space, energized equipment usage procedures. Employee Manuals in English and Spanish can be developed addressing facility specific hazards and their mitigations. Aggie Safety can provide Contractor manuals to clearly define roles and responsibilities of contractors. Aggie Safety can support in developing special plans like Chemical Hygiene Plans and Combustible Dust handling procedures including robust housekeeping.
  • Inspection: Aggie Safety Inspections can ensure proper use/utilization of powered equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, hoists, cranes, and conveyor systems which can significantly improve safety and efficiency. Aggie Safety inspection will also include review of maintenance, and repair logs of equipment which are essential to ensure proper functioning and prevent accidents caused by equipment failure. Inspections will also include review of proper storage/organization of materials help prevent accidents such as trips, falls, and collisions.
  • Risk Assessment: Aggie Safety can help owner/operators to conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards in material handling activities and implement appropriate control measures to mitigate these risks. This may involve redesigning processes, providing additional training, or implementing engineering controls.