Your Trusted Partner for OSHA Compliance and Support

AGGIE SAFETY, with its team of experts, can provide assistance to owners/operators in case of OSHA complaints, OSHA fines, OSHA inspections, OSHA audits by various mechanisms:

  • Represent Owner/operator during OSHA hearing as required. AGGIE SAFETY past support has helped lower the amount OR complete waiver of fines.
  • An objective (evidence-based) inspection/independent audit of the facility to help the owner/operator understand the issues. Our audit reports have helped customers know about their GAPs and how to fill the GAPs.
  • Assist Owner/Operator to mitigate audit findings in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Assist Owner/operator in response to OSHA/EPA with in-house lawyers from AGGIE SAFETY proofreading technical documentation
  • Investigate to find evidence behind OSHA complaints whether its from disgruntled employees or employers have real GAPs that need to be filled
  • Provide continuous support for Owners/operators to be in compliance.