Process Safety Audits/Inspections

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Understanding Process Safety Audits/Inspections

Process Safety audits must be conducted by independent outside 3rd party/consultants in order to ensure a cold eye-review/unbiased review of policies, procedures, and safety management systems.AGGIE SAFETY can be a partner to your needs utilizing its experts.  Following work process is followed by Lone Star to conduct an impactful audit for your facility:


  • A thorough inspection/field assessment of your facility
  • Employee interviews are conducted during the process
  • Facility documentation including training is reviewed/spot checked


After inspections/field assessments, a detailed report to the customer is provided with following key aspects:


  • Issues and concerns not meeting OSHA/RAGAGEP requirements
  • Recommendation from AGGIE SAFETY experts to mitigate the issue and meet the OSHA requirements
  • Actual CFR code/Other requirements for item not meeting requirement
  • Prioritization of the issue on high, medium and low based on severity of the hazard and its deficiency
  • AGGIE SAFETY will provide evidence based on pictures from inspections, as well as code references
  • AGGIE SAFETY can also provide support details and timeline in order to mitigate the deficiency


It is imperative for an employer to follow through and correct issues/violations found in inspections and audits. This ensures for keeping employees and their environment safe. AGGIE SAFETY supports its customers in follow-up through actions in order to achieve excellent compliance.


Past support by Lone Star has helped its clients to achieve compliance with past OSHA/EPA violations and response to relevant authorities. Utilizing proactive approach of conducting mock-audits/inspections and follow-up with actions have helped clients minimize OSHA violations/citations.

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