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We provide OSHA safety training for Groceries.

Unique Safety Training Program & Audits For Workplace Safety


Grocery Safety Training & Audits

Unique Safety Training Program & Audits For Workplace Safety.

Aggie Safety is an OSHA safety consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas.

We offer basic and advanced safety services customized to meet your eletrical company’s specific safety needs including customizable training, field safety consulting and ongoing safety program management. Our experienced safety professionals will evaluate your current safety program and provide consultation to enable your organization to achieve the next level of safety.

Note: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) sets and enforces safety standards for workplaces in the United States, including grocery stores. Grocery stores pose a range of safety hazards, such as slip and fall risks, lifting injuries, and exposure to hazardous materials. Therefore, employers must follow OSHA guidelines to ensure their employees’ safety. It’s important to note that OSHA does not certify trainers, but it does approve training programs and courses that are taught by OSHA-authorized trainers.

Headquatered in Houston

Occupational Safety Training for Grocery

We have 25 years’ experience in solving business problems. We understand what exposures you face and what is needed to reduce your risk of loss. From compliance problems to written employment and safety policies we’re the company you can trust.

Houston Safety training for Employees and documentation is the foundation of your safety program because it gives your employees the information they need to recognize hazardous conditions and unsafe acts while they work; and regular training reinforces the idea that safety is truly important at your company.

Key Components of OSHA’s Grocery safety training requirements

Working in a grocery store exposes employees to various safety hazards, ranging from slips and falls to lifting injuries and exposure to dangerous materials. Therefore, it’s crucial for grocery store employers to ensure their employees receive adequate safety training to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries at work. The training program should cover a variety of topics, including slip, trip, and fall prevention. Employees should learn how to identify and report potential hazards such as wet floors or cluttered walkways and understand how to navigate these situations safely. Additionally, training should cover lifting techniques and ergonomics to prevent strain injuries from heavy lifting.

Hazard communication is another important topic that should be addressed in the training program. Employees need to know the chemicals and hazardous materials used in the store, including cleaning supplies and other products, and how to handle and store them safely. Electrical safety, fire safety, and emergency preparedness procedures should also be included in the training program.

Depending on the job duties, employees may need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, aprons, or safety glasses. Therefore, the training should cover when and how to use PPE properly. Grocery store employers must prioritize employee safety and provide adequate training to prevent accidents and injuries. By doing so, they can create a safer workplace for everyone involved.



Reviews, safety culture surveys, accident investigation, safety management and many other forms of assistance.

Consultant for OSHA Safety Training for Grocery

When it comes to OSHA safety training for a grocery store, being a consultant, we can provide a lot of value to the store’s management. Their role can include conducting an OSHA compliance audit to identify areas of non-compliance and develop a plan to address any deficiencies. They can also create a customized training program that focuses on the store’s specific needs and hazards, such as slip and fall prevention, lifting techniques, hazardous material handling, and emergency preparedness.

We can also provide ongoing support, such as regular safety audits, training updates, and assistance with incident investigations. Additionally, if the store is subject to an OSHA inspection, the consultant can offer guidance and support to ensure a smooth inspection process and address any identified deficiencies promptly.

Lastly, we can help to improve the overall safety culture of the store by working with management and employees to promote a culture of safety awareness, encourage employee involvement in safety initiatives, and recognize and reward safe behavior. In summary, a consultant for OSHA safety training can be a valuable partner for a grocery store looking to improve its safety program and create a safe and healthy environment for its employees.

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Safety Orientation for New Employees

Another major issue that Aggie Safety is successfully addressing for its customers is Safety Orientation for new workers. With Covid worsening the crisis in the United States, we are seeing worker shortages across all industries. This has led to a lot of turnarounds in the workforce at existing companies. Onboarding a new employee with company safety behavior expectations is critical. Aggie Safety has been providing its customer safety orientation for new employees for the applicable safety topics in the digital format. Safety orientation is followed by quizzes/tests to check competency and results are delivered to the supervisor.

Employee training programs can significantly reduce the possibility of OSHA violations or OSHA fines or any litigations. With the unique and multi-faceted safety training offerings by Aggie Safety– an Owner needs to keep an oversight on the workers and the workplace safety as they say “TRUST BUT VERIFY”. Aggie Safety can support that effort by performing compliance inspections on the Owner’s behalf or a “Mock OSHA Inspection” with the review of work areas. After completing the compliance inspection, a written report is submitted to the owner with remediation options for deficiencies. The report will also highlight specific OSHA violations or OSHA fines applicable for specific items. Aggie Safety is well known for safety training in Houston which is mostly a need-based program.

Safety Consultant


Partnership WIth Your Business To Ensure the Safety

Texas is a state with a diverse range of industries and significant expansion work going on in various areas. all industries in Texas are required to follow OSHA safety regulations to ensure the safety of their employees. OSHA safety training is essential in all industries, regardless of the type of work being performed, to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Being a safety consulting company based in Houston provides you with an advantage due to the high number of businesses and industries in the city that requires OSHA safety training. Our ability to cover most of the areas that OSHA requires safety training showcases your expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive safety solutions to your clients.

Our main areas of focus, consultation, and training, are where your expertise shines. By leveraging your strengths, you can help businesses ensure their employees’ safety while adhering to OSHA regulations. Our tailored training programs that cater to the specific needs and hazards of each client are valuable services that can prevent accidents and injuries.

By offering Grocery our safety training services throughout Texas, we can help businesses in different industries and regions. We can promote a culture of safety awareness and provide ongoing support to ensure that their safety programs are current and effective. Our expertise and coverage make you a valuable partner for businesses looking to ensure the safety of their employees while complying with OSHA regulations.

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