Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

October 21, 2022

What is OSHA?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created back in 1970 by US Congress along with the President at that time, Richard Nixon. It is mainly a public health organization mainly dedicated to the purpose that none of the national workers will have to choose between life and job. The creation of OSHA was no less than an achievement. The law made by OSHA makes it quite clear that every human being working at a place must be safe and sound which is his/her basic right.

Since the very first day of this organization, it has worked remarkably well to serve the people. Any kind of workplace injury, illness or fatality has fallen in a dramatic way. Together working with so many different state partners, OSHA copes with safety hazards along with health risks. OSHA has been successful in saving so many precious lives and prevented so many injuries as well as illnesses till now. Moreover, it is committed to work in the same way in future as well.

The Mission of OSHA

OSHA was made by Congress to ensure the safety of people working in different organizations by setting its standards. It provides trainings, outreach programs along with educational assistance. Under the law made by OSHA, it is the responsibility of the employers to keep their workers safe and provide them with a healthful and peaceful environment.

OSHA Standards

OSHA’s standards make the workers feel like they’re at the right workplace and they’ll be aware of any serious hazard. OSHA standards include the following requirements for the employers.

  • Providing fall protection
  • Prevention of trenching cave-ins
  • Preventing the workers from their exposure to any harmful chemical or serious disease
  • Ensuring workers’ safety
  • Putting the guards on risky machines
  • Providing the workers with safety equipment
Subcontractor Safety is Critical for any Company

Subcontractor Safety is Critical for any Company

Don’t let your subcontractor’s problems rain on you. Help your subs to have a better idea what is expected of them. Help your subs understand what to do when OSHA shows up. Help your subs understand what to do in an emergency. Help your subs understand how to prevent...

Benefits of OSHA Trainings

Benefits of OSHA Trainings

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training is paramount for any organization’s success as it helps employers to educate employees on key hazards and how to manage those hazards. It creates a safer and healthier workplace. One of the tangible...